Vet tips: Get your pets ready for spring |

Vet tips: Get your pets ready for spring

Mace Dekker, DVM
Special to The Union

It's spring! What are some seasonal problems that I should watch for?

Ski season (such as it was!) is almost over, and the most beautiful season of the year in our county is back. And with it come the typical seasonal problems we should be aware of as well:

— Allergies. Like us, our pets can have allergies that can cause a lot of discomfort and visits to the vet to get them under control. There are some new medications on the market that are promising (Apoquel).

— Foxtails. They are growing fast, and this is the time to look at decreasing your pets' exposure. Cutting down the weeds and clipping the hair between the toes and around the ears can help prevent lots of problems.

— Fleas and ticks. Nexgard is an exciting new oral preventative on the market. From the makers of Heartgard and Frontline, Nexgard is a chewable treat rather than topical medication, so is less messy but works equally well against those pesky parasites. So get ready for the flea invasion.

Spring and summer are the seasons when our pets are seen most often by the vet. But waiting for the problem to go away usually just makes the situation worse.

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