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Propagation workshop offered next week

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For those who have ever wanted to grow a second plant that had all the traits of a mother plant, there will be a propagation workshop presented by the Nevada County Master Gardeners. "Propagating from Hardwood Cuttings: Getting New Plants from Older Ones" will be from 10 to noon, Nov. 2, at the Master Gardener Demonstration Garden on the NID grounds at 1036 W. Main St., Grass Valley.

Fall is the appropriate time to propagate with hardwood cuttings. In the workshop, participants will learn what plant materials to use, how to make the cuttings, and what constitutes a soilless rooting media.

There will be a hands-on experience and students will take home their own pot of cuttings to grow outdoors during the winter.

Hardwood cuttings are generally used for propagating deciduous trees and shrubs, such as forsythia, dogwood, cotoneaster, rose, viburnum and willow.

Bring a clean, sharp pruner with you to the workshop.

For more information, call the Master Gardener Hotline at 530-273-0919 or visit the website at:

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