Pet tips: Vaccinating your dog |

Pet tips: Vaccinating your dog

Mace Dekker, DVM
Special to The Union

What if my dog is allergic to a vaccination?

If you know your dog is allergic, there are pre-treatments that can prevent or decrease the allergic response to the vaccine. Sometimes it may be wise to skip the vaccine, or check the blood immunity to see of the vaccine is really needed at that time. Talk to your veterinarian to customize the vaccine protocol.

Are all vaccines the same?

Absolutely not.

There is not a lot of regulation on pet vaccines. As a result there are (cheap) vaccines made who-knows-where with no guarantees, vaccines with various adjuvants (additives) that may cause illness and vaccines that are not effective or likely to cause significant reactions. Talk to your veterinarian about their vaccines and why they are using those specific ones, and discuss their experiences with the various vaccines they use.

Is there a vaccination that will control fleas and ticks?

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In short, no. However there are a lot of topical medications that work quite well to prevent flea and tick infestations.

What vaccinations does my puppy need?

Puppies have a developing immune system, and need a lot of support to develop good immunity. The vaccines will be often (every 3-4 weeks ) for a while as they grow older, and depend on the age of the puppy. Most veterinarians have a standard package that include all the necessary vaccines – talk to them about this as well as have the puppy checked out.

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