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Local organic gardening video series passes 2 million views

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What's the simplest way to learn about organic gardening? Having an organic gardener right next to you.

The next best way is a video of an organic mentor at work.

Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply produces a weekly organic gardening video series that just clocked past two million views on YouTube. Featuring Patricia Boudier, vice president of Peaceful Valley, in her own organic garden, each video is packed with information on one gardening topic. For instance, the most popular video is "Planting Blueberries & Growing Blueberries" with more than 133,000 views.

Composting is one of those things that's easier to learn by watching than by reading about it. The video "Composting 101 — Making Compost In Composting Bins" has almost 102,000 views.

Midsummer brings summer pruning of cherry and apricot trees, tomatoes and grapevines. Peaceful Valley has university-research-based videos with demonstrations of how to make these pruning cuts.

What other videos are gardeners watching right now? They want to fight the peskiest of all pesky insects — "Organic Mosquito Control & Fly Traps" has more than 88,000 views. "Gardening 'up' instead of 'out'" is big, too; "Vertical Gardening — Easy Plant Trellises" has 53,000 views.

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The bee colony collapse crisis raised interest in beekeeping and summer is a great time to learn about the topic; "Beekeeping for Beginners — Hive Set Up" is popular this week.

On the other end of the life and death spectrum, midsummer gardeners are also interested in "How to Get Rid of Slugs."

The video series is part of the free education the Grass Valley-based store offers 24 hours a day in its online Organic Gardening Resource Center. All the information in their 139 (and counting) videos and the companion articles is based on university research.

For more information about organic gardening techniques, free educational resources about organic gardening, and Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply, call 888-784-1722, ext. 127 (Autumn Barr), e-mail Autumn@groworganic.com, or visit http://www.groworganic.com and view the videos and articles at the Organic Gardening Resource Center.

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