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Local artist’s exhibit opens today in Sacramento

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Works of art in oil on linen and canvas by artist Ron Kenedi will be exhibited from today through May 10 in the gallery SHINE Sacramento at 1400 E St. in downtown Sacramento. The opening reception is at 6 p.m. today.

Kenedi shares a vision of images as a continuum that take viewers from realism to the abstract; both use vibrant color to express their respective visions.

He explores the human condition with brain and brush and courts our independent spirit toward a collective harmony.

His work reflects a collaboration between the abstract and the realistic; he augments his technical skills for realistic depiction with the courage to imbue sharp colors in honest figurative scenes, according to publicity about the show.

"I attribute my breadth of cultural subject matter to my travels and many years of moving to different locales," said Kenedi.

In this new show, called "Singing Paintings," Kenedi presents large, oil painted (on linen) images of some of the seminal performers who captured the American mid-20th century musical energy that heavily influenced today's popular music.

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These blues, gospel and early rock artists have provided the creative fuel for Kenedi's artwork.

"It wasn't enough to just paint images of these people … I wanted to give the viewer a taste of their music."

Each painting is accompanied by a small electronic sound box that when deployed by the viewer, plays a segment of the performer's unique work," Kenedi said.

Kenedi's work is a personal vibrant reflection of the many eclectic places and times he's lived in.

He spent his formative years in New York — as an art student in Stony Brook and an urban artist in New York City. He has since lived in Mallorca, Spain, Phoenix, Arizona, Grass Valley and Southern California.

His work can be seen online at http://www.ronkenedi.com. Kenedi lives in Nevada City with his wife and two dogs. For more about the artist, go to http://www.ronkenedi.com.

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