Jellybean and Mr. G together again at Animal Place (VIDEO) |

Jellybean and Mr. G together again at Animal Place (VIDEO)

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Jellybean and Mr. G were inseparable friends. No one knew just how strong the bond between these two was until they became separated to save their lives.

Mr. G, a 10-year-old goat, had lived for a decade with Jellybean, a burro, on the property of a woman who could barely care for herself, according to Animal Place, a farmed animal sanctuary in Grass Valley.

The duo was recently rescued from the property, along with dozens of dogs and a third barnyard animal.

The heartbreak began when the sanctuary could only take in Mr. G, with Jellybean going to another sanctuary.

Upon arrival at Animal Place's Vacaville facility, the goat became depressed, refusing to eat for six days. The staff tried every treat they could think of to entice Mr. G, but he continued to lie in the corner of his stall.

Health exams revealed no physical cause; it became clear that Mr. G was inconsolable over the loss of his best friend.

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Animal Place staff knew "it was time for Jellybean to come home," according to the sanctuary's website.

A sanctuary volunteer transported Jellybean from Southern California to the Vacaville property. Upon realizing his friend was near, Mr. G rushed to Jellybean's side and began eating again within a short time.

"Never doubt the depth of emotions other animals possess. Mr. G's grief was as deep and mysterious as a human's. His joy at reuniting with Jellybean was as beautiful and inspiring as a human's," according to the website.

The friends will remain at the 600-acre sancuary in Grass Valley, "inspiring and teaching visitors about nonhuman emotions."

Meet the heartwarming pair June 7 during Animal's Place's third annual Music in the Meadow. The organization is celebrating its 25th anniversary with live music, open animal barns and pastures, vegan vendors, a silent auction, cooking demonstrations and more.

Watch their reunion at With more than 2 million views worldwide, Jellybean and Mr. G may prove to be the stars of this year's Music in the Meadow.


What: 3rd annual Music in the Meadows

Who: Animal Place

When: 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, June 7

Where: 17314 McCourtney Road, Grass Valley

Cost: $35/adult, $15/children (under 12), $75 VIP; children under 2 free, At the door — $40/adults, $15/children under 12; children under 2 free (No VIP available)


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