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Gallery, tasting room partner up

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The Artists' Studio in the Foothills Gallery at Clavey Winery is hosting a new Collaborative Art Events Series, called. ASiF Show-CAES, featuring performance-oriented gatherings of local visual artists, poets and original singer songwriters.

From 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, ASiF Show-CAES at Clavey Winery celebrates the collaborative works of poets Julie Valin and Chris Olander, singer-songwriter Tiera Lasparo and oil painter Betsy Lombard.

The vision for these collaborative gatherings is to to create a common stage for the public to witness and take part in what is becoming a unique and ever-changing dialogue between local visual artists, poets and musicians, according to ASiF owner Amanda Paoletti.

The collaborative gathering of these entities is not actually new for ASiF … it started three years ago with what has now become an annual "showcasing" of such artistries at the art center's annual "Art of Love" show events.

"For the Art of Love show receptions, this group of local poets has been taking the stage at ASiF, creating an incredible cross-section of visual, spoken and musical artistry that's different from anything else that happens here!" Paoletti said. "Not only is it a testament to the great bounty of artists in this community, the gathering of these diverse and complimentary art forms brings about a dialogue that inspires us as artists in a quite remarkable way!"

The artists' invitation to the public to share in the inspirational excitement of these creative gatherings is something they hope will bring about a shared gratitude and pride about our town and the artistic diversity our community wholeheartedly supports.

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"One of the most exciting pieces for me as an artist is the dialogue between the artists of such completely different mediums," said Paoletti. "My vision as a co-producer of these events is for them to become a conduit, a shared medium for these three art communities, offering ongoing opportunity for collaboration and allowing for a more naturally occurring organic swapping of juices. In my experience, it's active gatherings such as these that grows artists in the best of ways!"

Clavey Winery is located at 232 Commercial St. in Nevada City.

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