Discovery Series gets primal |

Discovery Series gets primal

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On Friday the 13th at Off Center Stage, the Discover Series promises to take you on a primal musical journey.

The night begins with the enchanting sounds of Nevada City's own The Wicker Men, the mythical maestros who meld Druid imagery, folk storytelling, rhythm of rock and the passion of the gypsies to create their signature experience.

Up next, Sacramento's sextet Step Jayne, led by multi-media artist JD Rudometkin. Having been trained in theological arts, Rudometkin has engaged in a re-programming of sorts, via music, theater, art and videography, which he combines to create a sound and vision both familiar and foreign to the rock genre. Based in Northern California, upward of 15 musicians have functioned as Step Jayne at one time or other, as well as its incarnation into a solo project — size hinging on venue and relative ease (or its opposite).

The night comes to a crashing close with the wild antics of The Devil's Train, which incorporates the raw energy of rockabilly, swing, jazz and punk music. Best known for their stand-up bassist Alex Scribner's incredible balancing act and slap-happy rhythms and front-woman Askasha Hepcat's proactive dance moves.

Tickets for the 8:30 p.m. show are $8 for members of the Center, or $10 for non-members and can be purchased at the Center's Box Office or at BriarPatch Co-op.

The Off Center Stage is located at 315 Richardson St. in Grass Valley. For information, go to http://

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