Core Opening Yoga: a different way to strengthen your bones |

Core Opening Yoga: a different way to strengthen your bones

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Building Bone Density Workshop

Saturday, March 19, 1 to 4 p.m.

Full Life Yoga Studio, Nevada City

Cost: $55 ($60 at the door)

Preregistration required.

In our busy world of pushing and striving, Core Opening Yoga offers a new way of being in your body and life that invites ease, self-compassion and subtle body awareness.

This yoga practice, which I teach, is unique in that it's centered more on "beingness" than "doingness."

Rather than focusing on strengthening your core muscles and using tension to hold yourself up, Core Opening Yoga invites you to let go, surrender those long-held core tensions and lean into your bones instead.

The long-held theory around rebuilding bone density is that lifting weights — weight bearing exercise — is the best way to stimulate bones to grow more cells.

This works to stimulate more cells where the muscles insert into the bone.

But if you stimulate only the edges of the bones, your body will stop building as many bone cells in the center of your bones, making the overall bone weaker.

In Core Opening Yoga, you learn to bear the weight of your body in your bones by softening the deep muscles around the bones — especially in your pelvis and spine.

In doing so, you allow the calcium trapped inside those muscles to be released.

When you begin to lean weight into your bones, the bones respond by reabsorbing the calcium released from the muscles.

Your bones can build more bone cells throughout the entire bone, not just where the muscles connect.

Every movement and activity becomes an opportunity to rebuild bone density.

Bearing the weight of your body in your bones instead of your muscles is a new way of being in your body.

Core Opening Yoga has shown amazing results with some students in helping reduce bone loss, sometimes even regaining bone density in their spine and hips — including my mother in her late 70s.

"After years of seeing my bone density readings decline, I decided instead of taking medications, I would try Judy's class," said Nevada City art gallery owner LeAnn Brook. "After two years, I went to my bone density scan, and, for the first time, my bone loss had stopped."

Brook said the class "has made a major impact on my bone health, as well as a significant change in my overall health — decreasing stress and improving flexibility — all without the use of potentially harmful medications."

I will teach a workshop on Building Bone Density from 1 to 4 p.m. March 19 at Full Life Yoga Studio, 204 Providence Mine Road, Ste. 112, Nevada City.

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