COMMENTARY: Here come the kittens |

COMMENTARY: Here come the kittens

Cheryl Wicks
Submitted to The Union

Every year about this time comes the onslaught of kittens needing our help.

They are found in wood piles, left in mailboxes, dumped alongside the road and every other imaginable place. Sometimes these kittens are as young as a day old and many times only a few weeks old. What a way to get started in life.

My heart goes out to these little cutie pies. It takes a "village" to get us through this challenging time of rescuing hundreds of kittens.

The inspiration to get the help we need is, of course, the kittens themselves. Nothing is cuter than a baby kitten. Possibly nothing has more energy either than when they get to be a few weeks old.

Fortunately, we have wonderful people who will bottle feed the teeny ones and take in nursing mamas and their babies when necessary.

The answer to all this is to get your cats spayed/neutered.

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Sammie's Friends pays for thousands of animals every year to get spayed/neutered. Lack of money is not an excuse.

This year we are having an "Itty Bitty Kitty Shower" to try to get ahead of the tidal wave of kittens coming our way.

The shower is scheduled for noon to 4 p.m. May 31 at Sammie's Friends Animal Shelter. We have a gift registry on

Items such as kitten food (wet and dry), catnip toys, scratch pads, heating pads, small litter pans, nursing bottles, scales and kitten formula are needed.

And more than anything foster families are needed.

At the "Itty Bitty Kitty Shower" fun, food, drinks and kitty cake will be served. Go to our website at and get all the details.

Please help all the kittens that so deserve that help to get their little lives on the right track after getting off to a bad start with no one to care for them.

Your house will be filled with overwhelming cuteness and you won't regret it.

These little rascals will fill your heart with joy and you'll know you've done something really good.

And don't forget the puppies. We have received an overabundance of pups this year so far.

We have had several litters found by the side of the road by a good Samaritan who packed them up, after someone else had dumped them, and brought them to us. We always need foster homes for them, too. I

can't imagine how someone thinks it is OK to dump helpless pups by the side of the road with no way to fend for themselves. That is cruel.

We have had pups as young as 10 days old to care for. We have a very small staff at the shelter and a very large number of animals. Without the community's help, we just couldn't do what we do for these helpless little critters.

Somehow every year enough people come forward to help to get us through the kitty and puppy season. Thank you to the many with the big hearts that make it all happen for the babies.

Cheryl Wicks is co-founder of Sammie's Friends and the Director of Sammie's Friends @ Nevada County Animal Shelter, 14647 Mc Courtney Road, Grass Valley. For more information, call 530-471-5041.

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