COMMENTARY: A bigger bowl |

COMMENTARY: A bigger bowl

Kevin Cotter
Special to The Union

I was asked the other day, "Why do you take the time to write this piece each week?"

In fact, one conversation challenged me by as asking, "How is it that you know all of these things?"

I was quick to respond; the short answer is that I don't but I research. I am simply interested in a lot of different things and I like to know how things work.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I ask a lot of questions; I am curious about life. Gathering facts and looking from many different perspectives helps me make my best decision.

“A lot of these chefs already have this relationship with local farmers … They really like to work with as much local food as they can. We just want to keep it growing.”
Joan Clappier
president of Nevada County Grown.

When our daughter was diagnosed with asthma at a young age, we were told she would outgrow this condition. We went along for years giving her a cocktail of several different medications, which worked. However, we wanted more than a lifetime of medication for her.

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We finally started asking the right questions. Ultimately, we discovered that her asthma was simply food related. We were forced to broaden our focus to find more answers. Much like goldfish will only grow as big as the bowl they live in, we needed to get a bigger bowl to expand our knowledge.

I write this column to get people thinking and talking. I like that this column adds to the local conversation about improving the quality of life in our community.

I love when I write a piece that stirs up a little controversy that gets people writing letters to the editor and challenging me personally on many levels.

It's great seeing folks stand up for what they believe in. This means that people are talking and are passionate and alive!

By writing this column, I hope that I am encouraging folks to research more things we take for granted regarding health, work and news we hear and read every day. Oftentimes, we are being told or sold information with a specific purpose and intention.

For example, we are hit repeatedly on the television by prescription drug ads for a variety of ailments that we may or may not have. We read and view stories in the media that may have a bias or hidden agenda to sell us something or to gather our votes.

Sometimes the intention of the story is clear; other times it is not. Sometimes the information is accurate; other times it is not.

The Root is about creating a dialogue to help folks live life with their eyes wide open, expanding on and finding ways to live an informed, empathic, authentic wholesome life though sometimes difficult or controversial topics.

Goldfish will only grow as big as the bowl they live in. Ask yourself if you are limiting your thinking by the size of your fish bowl. Many times I think we are artificially put into a one-size-fits-all bowl, when in reality we all have different life experiences that affect how we live in the world.

What works for me may not work for you. Maybe it's time for a bigger bowl?

Kevin Cotter is managing partner of New Earth Market in Yuba City,

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