Bensing, Garmire set for Old 5Mile House debut |

Bensing, Garmire set for Old 5Mile House debut

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Songwriters Billy Bensing and Kellie Garmire will be making their debut Old 5Mile House performance Tuesday. A Philadelphia native, Bensing left for Europe and the Parisian Metro busking circuit at the age of 16. From there, his travels took him through Sydney, Los Angeles and finally a more permanent home in the foothills of the Sierra. He wrote, played and recorded music on every stop along the way. His 2005 collaboration with flutist Mary Youngblood was featured in a Grammy Award-winning CD called "Dance with the Wind." His voice has been favorably compared with those of James Taylor, Cat Stevens and Neil Young.

Born in Chico and raised in the Northern Central Valley, Kellie Garmire was brought up close to the stage but not quite in the spotlight. Her father taught high school drama and English, and it was by his side that her love of theater began. She started guitar lessons as a child and was soon writing songs and performing for friends and family. In 2006, missing the creativity that music and song had once given her so many years ago, Garmire signed up for guitar lessons again at a local music store. Her teacher was Bensing, and from those early lessons sprung a songwriting and performance relationship, which has only strengthened through the intervening years. Their music is soothing and their harmonies intricate and effortless.

January features French cuisine at the Old 5Mile House. Music starts 6 p.m. There is no cover, and music is appropriate for all ages.

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