ASiF set to open two shows this weekend |

ASiF set to open two shows this weekend

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The Artist Studio in the Foothills is geared up for a busy weekend. The local studio, gallery and education space is set to open two new exhibits Friday and Saturday.

Beginning at 5 p.m. Friday, ASiF will host the sixth annual Student and Teacher show at its home gallery on Idaho Maryland Drive in Grass Valley. The exhibit will feature more than 60 artists and their teachers.

The exhibition reflects the huge range of artistic media practiced at ASiF by resident instructors and their students — paintings, drawings, prints, ceramic sculpture, encaustics and mixed-media art works — a years' worth of accomplishments by over 60 ASiF students, teachers, and two of the center's Painters' Guild – Independent Study Groups, all of which showcase year-round program offerings.

Adult and children's student art works including fine ceramic sculpture, functional hand-built ceramics, mosaics, acrylics, oil and pastel paintings, printmaking and jewelry art will be on display through Aug. 30. Though only some of the art will be for sale.

Friday also represents a milestone for the Grass Valley art space. After six years in a shell of drab beige vinyl siding we are thrilled to unveil our beloved art center… now as its TRUE self – bright, shiny and new! For years people have walked through the front doors with obvious astonishment on their faces when they see the beautiful interior of our art center," said owner Amanda Paoletti. "The outside of the building just did not reflect the bright, high energy experience waiting inside! The building was resided early this summer and painted in a bright terracotta orange with rich olive green trim."

ASiF is committed to the ongoing support and development of a center offering visual artists opportunity to support themselves as working artists. The annual Student and Teacher exhibits showcase the great talents of the center's budding student body, the quality of which is most evident in the art itself, she added.

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Friday's reception goes from 5 to 8 p.m. at the main gallery, 940 Idaho Maryland Rd in Grass Valley.

Branching out

Saturday ASiF will celebrate the opening of its latest show at ASiF Gallery @ Lucchesi Tasting Room. From 4 to 6 p.m. there will an artists reception for Art of Music, presented by PRESSTO, the printmakers guild featuring large scale mixed media fine art prints by Yvonne Bartlett, Eileen Blodgett, Barbara Harris, Sally Herring, Betsy Hufnagel, Susan Michalski and Lin Schiffner.

The artworks reflect a range of styles using mixed media and experimental printmaking methods to create large scale works with a musical theme. The show will be on display through Aug. 10.

Musical Guests Mike Wronski and Gabe Cantrell with play rock and blues covers and originals on stand up bass and acoustic guitar.

The Pressto Printmakers Guild's – Art of Music!! This prolific art making group has been working together for about four years now, meeting weekly to inspire, create and support each other and their much loved art home at ASiF Studios…

It all started with a challenge for the Pressto Printmaking Guild at ASiF Studios, to take printmaking to a larger scale, a musical scale, if you will, and a chance to create together. The group started in 2010, with a small band of women who wanted to wade into art making in a playful way with a loose introduction to design, color and composition. It must have been destined to be a regular practice, because the core members have stayed all these years, welcoming new members with open arms, and growing stronger with each new member.

The common thread in the group is water- based printmaking, although they are also a group made up of painters, fabric artists, mosaic, encaustic and mixed media artists. One can't help it, at ASiF, to be exposed to all sorts of creative media and to get our fingers into it all. Printmaking at ASiF has included monoprint, collographs, relief,

etching and a combination of all of four.

What attracted all of them to printmaking is the unpredictability, the ever-evolving processes, graphic design quality and the mind- bending element of working in reverse. Each of them continue to be surprised, and delighted, at what happens with this magical process, which proves, on a daily basis to be beyond the artists control.

Even after all these years of working together, they still rush to the press to see each other's hand- pulled monoprints as they are revealed. Many of the group's works are also collaborative , like in the Rain coat piece and Hills are Alive. The camaraderie of printmakers is truly something to behold… Says Amanda Paoletti, owner and director of ASiF, "To witness this group, their weekly meetings, and contagious creative spirit, they have truly become each other's art family!

This Friday morning Pressto Print group has really given a voice to individual creativity. They have worked together for nearly 4 years and encouraged each other to push forward to explore printmaking beyond conventional standards. Though the Pressto group started out meeting weekly for their printmaking class and open studio time in the shared studio setting, most of them now have private studios of their own at ASiF.

Instructor, Eileen Blodgett's very favorite question coming from the Pressto group is, "Eileen, what would happen if I …?" The answer, 90% of the time is: "Let's find out!" It is the "finding out" that is the secret to it all. That's the joy, the disappointment, the education and the driving force to come back and work.

Why Music as theme? Well, why not? Another "what would happen if… we chose music as a theme?" Well the answer to this question is this fabulously inspired exhibition that you will have to see to truly appreciate! Music truly is the universal language… It is spoken in rhumba, polka, blues, opera, rock and more. The Pressto group declares proudly, "We dance, we sing, we create together and the theme just begged for us to take it on! Much like the process of printmaking, music is also dependent on manipulating variables and the creative use of its elements. Just listening to music, as we create these pieces, takes the process to a whole new level!"

A look at each artist's work offers the viewer a window into one's creative spirit. "What would happen if"… we all took a creative journey? Printmaking classes and open studio times explore the creation of mono prints, and are ongoing at ASiF Studios. These sessions will continue in September, with Beginning groups on Thursday evenings and Intermediate to Advanced class on Friday mornings.

The Mono Print Explained…

The Mono Print Process: In essence, it is the creation of a complex, but relatively spontaneous painting and then pressing a piece of damp paper on top of that, then pulling up that paper and getting a reverse final image. The original " temporary painting " is transferred to the final substrate and the original is then destroyed in the process. Of course, the process is more involved than that, but in simple terms, that's what happens.

The word "print" is confusing because we are used to seeing giclee reproduction prints, xerox and laser prints. There is nothing reproductive about a mono print or monotype. Only one unique image is created at a time.

So why not just keep the original "painting?" Great Question! Why do all of this? It's all about mark-making… To get an art image on paper, we have drawing, painting, water color, pretty much just pens, brushes, crayons, pencil, etc. When you look at a monoprint you notice the way the color and texture and line is pressed into the paper. Sometimes it is even embossed, you can feel the texture. There is no way to duplicate the effect of pressing

something onto / into the paper by using a pencil or brush.

The unique effects of fine art printmaking are an art form practiced world – wide for centuries. For the printmaking artist, it is often serendipitous effort. Many factors contribute to the outcome of a print, depending on which color is beneath, which is on top, and then there are variables- how much ink, how much pressure, how wet the paper was…an endless bunch of often uncontrollable factors. That, coupled with your mirror image effect-

remember, everything prints backwards. It is so much fun! It is a bit of a brain tease for those of us wishing to control the outcomes. For my students, I like to call it a "gateway art form" – you can play and learn a lot about design, color and composition without feeling like you must be able to draw.

We are all printmakers. We all leave marks, fingerprints and footprints. Fine art printmaking takes it to the next level and every culture has embraced this in one form or another. The pieces in this show have been created as printmaking and mixed media on canvas and paper. The Pressto student group at ASiF Studios has expanded to larger format mixed media printmaking this year and these pieces are included in "The Art of Music" exhibit at Lucchesi Winery.

For more information on how to get involved with the Pressto Prinmakers' group, contact Eileen Blodgett at or call 530/277-9919.


Who: Yvonne Bartlett, Eileen Blodgett, Barbara Harris, Sally Herring, Betsy Hufnagel, Susan Michalski and Lin Schiffner.

What: Music Themed Gallery Show & Artist's Reception, Wine & Refreshments

When: Reception, Saturday June 28th, 4 – 6pm

Where: Lucchesi Vineyards Tasting Room 128 Mill Street Grass Valley

Contact: Amanda Paoletti, 530-274-7000

or Linda Clough, 530-274-2164



Eileen Blodgett – Watercolor, Acrylics & Printmaking,

Deborah Bridges – Encaustic Paiinting & Sculpture

Ruth Chase – Drawing & Painting

Cheri Guerette – Watercolor Painting

Claudia Jeffers – Sculpture

Lil McGill – Abstract Painting

Vicki Parker – Childrens’ Mixed Media

Denise Wey – Acrylics & Ceramics


Dyane Albrecht

Karen Anderson

Alexandra Brown

Meg Christiansen

Josie Crawford

Mikaela Cristdahl

Cathy Cooper

Jessica Cymbalski

Ann Davis

Cathy Diamond

Leslie Dodson

Flo Fahrenheit

Cathy Gerstung

Leslie Goetszke

Louisa Hall

Barbara Harris

Iris Hawkins

Sally Herring

Francene Holland

Betsy Hufnagel

Linda Johnson

Jana Kane

Aiden Keller

Madeleine Kemp

Karen Klayman

Quantum Kreilkamp

Crysal P rima Lang

Tala Leighton

Donna Levreault

Karen Marinovich

Tara McKinnon

Susan Michalski

Faith Menary

Linda Morgan

Mary Obrien

Jeanne Ogle

Nancy Patmont

Daniel Peck

Julie Poulton

Dottie Ray

Elijah Rogers

Debi Savoy

Lois Shelton

Lin Shiffner

Barbara Simmons

Mary Smart

Charlotte Starn

Valerie Stuart

Susan Sugarman

Loren Swift

Cathy Tardif

Jerry Thomas

Lisa Thomas

Stephen Thomas

Toni Tiedemann

Molly Wingerd

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