Art for the Heart improves lives of Chinese children |

Art for the Heart improves lives of Chinese children

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Artist Anthony R. Emmolo is on a mission to use his painting to bring people together to the aid of the community. He has been inspired by the way that European artists of the past served their churches and temples.

"The gallery world is exciting, and I do enjoy selling in that form, but service is a passion, and it feeds me in a different way," Emmolo said.

To this aim, Emmolo has created what he considers to be his life's project. "Art For The Heart" allows his paintings to improve the lives of children.

While living in China, the artist helped children of poor families to receive much needed open-heart surgery.

"It started out as a form of thanks for the successful open-heart surgery I received when I was only 23 months of age. However, when I visited the hospital to see our first successful heart patient, it became a calling; a new direction in my life," he said.

The artist is involved in Sunday's Chinese New Year event sponsored by CATS (Community Asian Theater of the Sierra.) The event will be at the Stonehouse in Nevada City, from noon to 3 p.m. Emmolo's artwork will be sold to support Baobei Foundation; a charity that aids Chinese orphans in need of life saving medical attention. Upon successful surgery, the staff members of Baobei take it upon themselves to help the child get adopted into a loving home.

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Emmolo's artwork can be found at Hanson Gallery, at 669 Bridgeway, in Sausalito. For more information, call (415) 332-1815, or visit

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