Alternative duo returns to the stage Sunday with new material |

Alternative duo returns to the stage Sunday with new material

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After a winter's break of writing and honing their craft, local band Lasher Keen is once again heading back to the stage with an entirely new set of musical sound collages and theatrical storytelling.

Comprised of multi-instrumentalists Dylan Sheets and Bluebird Gaia, Lasher Keen has been defying classification and genre description since they played their first show in the foothills some seven years ago.

Psychedelic mythological avant-garde seems as good as anything to describe their musical journey, and that's just what they do with their audience; as a Shaman would carefully guide the uninitiated on their own personal quest, Lasher Keen does it with their otherworldly and almost unexpected music, according to Sheets.

Sunday at The Stonehouse Old Brewery, the two are throwing a costume ball. Its theme is to dress up as your favorite woodland creature. If anyone needs an incentive to adorn themselves with ivy boughs, faerie wings and glitter paint, then as a bonus they will receive a dollar off the door charge for doing just that.

Also sharing the stage will be two Bay Area-based bands that are described as Cave-Wave and Doom-Wave, respectively.

The revelry kicks off at 8 p.m. Sunday at The Stonehouse Old Brewery, located at 107 Sacramento St. in Nevada City. For more information, call The Stonehouse at 530-265-5050 or visit

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