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The Union Newspaper General Offices

The Union
464 Sutton Way
Grass Valley, CA 95945
Phone Number: (530) 273-9561
Fax: (530) 273-1854

The Wildwood Independent

11270 Pleasant Valley Road
Penn Valley, CA 95946
Phone (530) 432-2614
Fax (530) 432-2747

Main Departments

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E-Mail: digitalsupport@theunion.com

Subscriptions and Circulation Services
Want to start a new subscription? Going on vacation?
Phone Number: (530) 273-9565

E-Mail: circulation@theunion.com

Display Advertising
Do you need to place a display ad in the newspaper or banner ad on this website? We can help you market your business!
Phone Number: (530) 273-9561

Classified Advertising
Need to place an ad in the classified section?
Phone Number: (530) 273-9567
E-Mail: classifieds@theunion.com

Need to speak to a reporter? Have a story idea?
Phone Number: (530) 477-4249

Hot News Tip line: (530) 477-4272
E-Mail: letters@theunion.com


Jim Hemig
Phone Number: (530) 477-4299
E-Mail: jhemig@theunion.com

Advertising Production

Nathalia Carroll
Creative Services Supervisor/Graphic Designer
Phone Number: (530) 477-4270
E-Mail: ncarroll@theunion.com

Camille Jauregui
Graphic Designer

Phone Number: (530) 477-4218
E-Mail: cjauregui@theunion.com

Kim Ward
Graphic Designer
Phone Number: (530) 477-4221
E-Mail: kimw@theunion.com

Allaura Stadel
Advertising Support
Phone Number: (530) 477-4204

E-Mail: allauras@theunion.com

Advertising Retail

Julia Stidham
Advertising Director
Phone Number: (530) 477-4243
E-Mail: jstidham@theunion.com

Scott Conley
Account Manager
Phone Number: (530) 477-4201
E-Mail: sconley@theunion.com

Mary Anne Davis
Events Manager | Home & Garden Show | Paint the Town Pink
Phone Number: (530) 477-4241
E-Mail: mdavis@theunion.com

Stephanie Azevedo
Major/National Account Manager
Phone: (530) 477-4248
E-Mail: sazevedo@theunion.com

Natalie Hannah
Real Estate/Auto Account Manager
Phone Number: (530) 477-4250
E-Mail: nhannah@theunion.com

Melissa Rhoden
Sales / Operations Administrator
Phone Number: (530) 477-4268
E-Mail: mrhoden@theunion.com

Chad Wingo
Account Manager
Phone Number: (530) 477-4209
E-Mail: cwingo@theunion.com

Hollie Grimaldi-Flores
Business Development Manager
Phone Number: (530) 477-4221
E-Mail: hgflores@theunion.com

Valerie Costa
Special Sections Manager
Phone Number: (530) 477-4237
E-Mail: vcosta@theunion.com


E-Mail: classifieds@theunion.com

Lari Vogelsang
Classified Sales Supervisor
Phone Number: (530) 477-4281
E-Mail: lvogelsang@theunion.com

Leslie Robbins
Legal Notices/Obituaries

Phone Number: (530) 477-4225
E-Mail: lrobbins@theunion.com

Nicole Larios
Classified Sales Consultant
Phone Number: (530) 477-4208
E-Mail: nlarios@theunion.com


Keith Hagen
Single Copy Manager
Phone Number: (530) 477-4210
E-Mail: khagen@theunion.com


Brian Hamilton
Phone Number: (530) 477-4249
E-Mail: bhamilton@theunion.com

Keri Brenner
Features Editor
Phone Number: (530) 477-4219
E-Mail: kbrenner@theunion.com

Emily Lavin
Staff Writer
Phone Number: (530) 477-4230
E-Mail: elavin@theunion.com

Cory Fisher
Community News Reporter
Phone Number: (530) 477-4203
E-Mail: cfisher@theunion.com

Ivan Natividad
Content Editor
Phone number (530) 477-4242
E-mail: inatividad@theunion.com

Walter Ford
Sports Editor
Phone Number: (530) 477-4232
E-Mail: wford@theunion.com

Liz Kellar
City Editor
Phone Number: (530) 477-4229
E-Mail: lkellar@theunion.com

Samantha Sullivan
Copy Editor
Phone Number: 477-4233
E-Mail: ssullivan@theunion.com

Kim Midboe
Copy Editor
Phone Number: (530) 477-4251
E-Mail: kmidboe@theunion.com

Teresa Yinmeng Liu
Staff Writer
Phone Number: (530) 477-4236
E-Mail: tliu@theunion.com

Alan Riquelmy
Staff Writer
Phone Number: (530) 477-4239
E-Mail: ariquelmy@theunion.com

Laura Mahaffy
Multimedia Reporter
Phone Number: (530) 477-4231
E-Mail: lmahaffy@theunion.com

Business Office

Becky Dirk
Finance Director
Phone Number: (530) 477-4222
E-Mail: bdirk@theunion.com

Megan Miller
Accounting Clerk
Phone Number: (530) 477-4220
E-Mail: memiller@theunion.com

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Commercial Printing!
Newsletters, flyers, inserts, postcards and more!
Contact your advertising account manager or Melissa at (530) 477-4268
E-Mail: mrhoden@theunion.com

Subscriptions | Circulation | Audience

Email Circulation: circulation@theunion.com

Phone 530-273-9565

Elizabeth Baldwin
Subscriptions & Circulation Director

Phone Number: (530) 477-4214
E-Mail: ebaldwin@theunion.com

Scott Coffey

Home Delivery Manager
Phone Number: (530) 477-4271
E-Mail: scoffey@theunion.com

Robert White
District Manager
Phone Number: (530) 477-4278
E-Mail: rwhite@theunion.com

Emileigh Blevins
Customer Service Representative
Phone Number: (530) 477-4282
E-Mail: eblevins@theunion.com

Keith Hagen
Single Copy Manager
Phone Number: (530) 477-4210
E-Mail: khagen@theunion.com

Charlene Lowenstein
Customer Service Representative
Phone Number: (530) 477-4215
E-Mail: clowenstein@theunion.com

Website Technology

Need help? digitalsupport@theunion.com

Web Master
E-Mail: webmaster@theunion.com

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: (530) 273-9565
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Online Project Manager
Phone Number: 530-477-4257
E-Mail: tomh@theunion.com